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about us.

where we started.
where we’re going.

Exciting Adventures began September 2009 in Bricktown on Mickey Mantle and Wanda
Jackson Way with Segway PT rentals. Between that time and 2011, the company grew from 3 Segway PTs to 20.

The property sold and Exciting adventures moved to the old Spaghetti Warehouse building.   At that time Exciting Adventures purchased Sure Beats Walking, a Segway touring company that had been providing Segway tours for approximately 2 years.

Sure Beats Walking is now located off site and continues to provide both rental and tours in Bricktown, Downtown and the Oklahoma City area, now by appointment only. We now have 24 personal transportation units to accommodate your transportation needs.

Early 2012, Exciting Adventures and Sure Beats Walking obtained training from Segway for services and repairs, making us the only Oklahoma City metro sales, parts, and service provider for Segway PT vehicles.

Now we are looking to expand the touring and getting to know more of Oklahoma City and
its great people. Come ride with us!

about the machines.

The Segway PT is basically sensors, a control system, and a motor.

The sensors are an assembly of gyroscopes. A gyroscope is a spinning wheel inside a stable frame. A spinning object resists changes to its axis of rotation, (it’s a physics thing)    It is just a very complicated way to say that because the object is spinning, it will stay balanced.

Because it resists outside forces, a gyroscope wheel will maintain its position in space (relative to the ground), even if you tilt it. A sensor can tell the pitch of an object (its tilt) as well as its pitch rate (how quickly it is tilting).

The Segway PT has 5 gyroscope type sensors to make the vehicle more reliable, and two bubble level sensors.


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