Oklahoma City Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Rentals and Tours

Whether you are visiting Oklahoma City or you’re a local, Segway PTs are definitely the best transportation to see the sights in downtown and Bricktown. Segway PTs are faster, less strenuous, and more enjoyable than walking, and maneuver more easily than cars or bicycles, and are safer than scooters.

Not only are they fun, but they are also easy to ride.  Every rider is personally trained to see that they can operate the machine confidently and safely. Training only takes a few minutes even if you have never been on before.
Why ride a Sewgay PT?
Because it Sure Beats Walking.


View Bricktown by Renting a Segway PT for 20 minutes or by the hour.

Sales & Repairs

Interested in buying a Segway PT or own one that needs repair?


Tour Bricktown and learn of the rich history of downtown Oklahoma City.

Sure Beats Walking is now located off site

 Tours and Rentals appointments meet in back of the south parking lot at Bass Pro

Phone: 405.632.9907

Come ride with us!